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CHEERIOS FOR THE NURSE'S OFFICE - Nurse Betsy is in need of Cheerios. 10-12 boxes will hopefully get her through the rest of the school year. Any plain cheerios (store-brand, etc.) would be great. What does she do w/ all that cereal you might ask? 1) They're used when kids come to her office and have upset stomachs, which sometimes is hunger 2) When students forget snack and come to her directly 3) When teachers run out of snacks in their own classrooms, Betsy sends cereal boxes down to classrooms. She goes through an average of 1.5-2 boxes per week. Also, please check in with your child's teacher about sending in pretzels, goldfish crackers or other non-perishable snacks for the classroom. MANY teachers are buying snacks for their students out of pocket. Thank you to those who have already sent some in!