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Thank you for visiting our Woodbrook PTO webpage. 


The PTO supports Woodbrook Elementary students, staff and parents by hosting fun events for the Woodbrook Elementary community, by raising funds for equipment and activities not covered in the school budget, and by providing ongoing support and appreciation to Woodbrook’s staff.


Last year, thanks to your generous support of PTO fundraisers and events, the PTO raised approx. $18,000 which was used to:


       ·         offset the cost of field trips for all students,

·         send 4/5th grade students to Leadership Camp and in-house trainings,

·         fund Team Building w/ Triple C for the entire 5th grade,

·         purchase PE equipment, art supplies, and replace musical instruments

·         pay for teacher luncheons and other staff appreciation activities

·         host free events like Family Dinner Nights, the Ice Cream Social and assist with Field Day costs





The PTO will meet in the Library on the 3rd TUESDAY of each month at 6:30pm, and childcare is generally provided. Our first meeting this year will be on Tuesday Sept. 16th. We’ll be reviewing a draft calendar of events for the whole school year and taking suggestions for new events and fundraisers. You can submit agenda items to any board member.  All Woodbrook parents and staff are welcome and encouraged to attend!



Every parent/guardian of a Woodbrook student and all school employees are PTO members.  There are no dues but we do ask families to contribute either by supporting PTO fundraisers, volunteering or by making direct donations to the Woodbrook PTO (the Woodbrook PTO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and therefore direct donations are tax deductible.) We particularly appreciate your volunteer time!