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This year will have several major fundraisers, as well as other smaller events as well. We will host the popular Scholastic Book Fair in early October. We will also have a catalog fundraiser in late October/early November. Our biggest fundraiser and event of the year is the annual Fun Fair and Silent Auction in March, which takes over 80 volunteers.  We also host dinner nights at various restaurants and last year we made over $2000 from Box Tops for Education and grocery loyalty programs at Kroger and Harris Teeter. Look for more details on how to link your store loyalty cards to Woodbrook in the weeks ahead. Thank you in advance for your support!




BOARD MEMBERS for the 2014-2015 school year:



President:                                             Sara Henry    



Vice President Ways and Means:     Beth Daane  



Vice President Communications:     Jacki Harris 



Treasurer:                                             Pam Atkinson 

Secretary:                                             Melissa Moran 



Members at Large:                             Rachel Cogswell  and


Sheryl Feggans 




How can I help?



Ask questions, come to a PTO meeting, volunteer…it ALL helps! Woodbrook families are the BEST