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    WELCOME NEW PTO BOARD MEMBERS - Congratulations and thank you to our PTO Board for 2014-2015:

*President - Sara Henry
*Vice-President of Ways & Means - Beth Daane
*Treasurer - Pam Atkinson (serving a 2nd year)
*Secretary - Melissa Moran (serving a 2nd year)
*Members At Large - Sheryl Feggans & Rachel Cogswell (serving a 3rd year each)
*Parent Council Representative - Jorie DeBoer (serving a 3rd year)

NOTE: We are still seeking a VP of Communications. This person would be sending out a weekly newsletter and updating the PTO Facebook page. In order to streamline communication at Woodbrook, we are looking at combining the PTO Woodybytes (this email) with a weekly school e-newsletter. This change would accomplish several goals: 1) It would reach everyone. Not everyone is signed up to receive Woodybytes, so reminders about fundraisers and school events are not making it to all families and staff. 2) It would reduce the number of newsletters families receive and put all relevant Woodbrook information in one place. 3) It would allow the school newsletter to go out more often, with all the amazing pictures and updates on all the fantastic work each of our grades is accomplishing. 4) It would save paper. Before this school year, the school newsletter was quarterly, and went out with report cards. Because it was only quarterly, it was generally 8-12 pages long, and used a lot of paper. 5) It would accomplish something parents have been saying they want, which is better, more consistent communication in a timely fashion about school events and programs.

Let's face it, good communication takes time. The time commitment for this position will be approx. 1-2 hours a week. But the template, photos and much of the text would be provided to you, and you would then put it all together on your own time, around your schedule. This person should have strong writing skills and be familiar with applicable software for uploading photos, etc. Anyone who is interested should contact Sara Henry to discuss